Building Safety Group Awarded on 10th Anniversary

Building Safety Group Awarded on 10th Anniversary

Darren Cartwright celebrates his tenth anniversary at Read Construction with a prestigious Building Safety Group award.

Darren Cartwright of Hope near Wrexham originally joined Read as a ground worker but thanks to encouragement and training from senior management at the £16m construction company he is now a respected site manager. His expertise has culminated in the Building Safety Group Award which recognises site managers who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to health and safety and achieved the highest standards of best practise on site.

“I had worked for other building companies previously but I was never offered any training.” Explained Darren. “I was originally interested in applying for work with Read as they have such a good reputation in the area and when I started working for them I was offered training to improve my skills very quickly. I have been presented with a number of significant challenges and the training and support offered by the company has allowed me to undertake many prestigious and exciting projects.”
Darren was put forward for the award by Read’s Safety Advisor Andrew Parry of the Building Safety Group while Darren was managing a particularly challenging site at the Rural Life Centre in Bala which made the assessment twice as difficult and the commendation all the more significant.

Wyn Prichard, Director of ConstructionSkills Wales is a strong supporter of the approach taken by Read. “Read are one of the exemplars in the Welsh Construction industry, in the way it has utilised training to develop its staff and the company, especially important in these current economic times. The company has been highlighted in a number of Awards, and Richard Heaton is a valued member of the Wales ConstructionSkills Group, which overlooks the interests of the sector in Wales. Darren shows what can be achieved through personal drive of staff and the support of the company—that sums up the ethos of Read.”

“Darren is a fantastic example of the way people develop within Read, “explained Richard Heaton, MD of the construction company. “We invest heavily in training and upskilling our people and the result is that we have long term highly motivated and successful staff who know there’s always room to grow within the company. I am delighted that Darren received this well deserved award and I hope he’s still with Read in another ten years.”

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