Read Become First Contractor in Wales to Gain ISO 19650 Verification

Read Become First Contractor in Wales to Gain ISO 19650 Verification

Read Construction have become the first Contractor in Wales to be awarded BIM Level 2 - ISO 19650 Verification for our business systems and processes by the BSI.

ISO 19650 parts 1 and 2 have now replaced PAS1192-2: 2013 and BS1192 for the delivery of BIM Level 2 projects. The ISO 19650 standards came into effect in December 2018 and Read Construction have worked tirelessly to quickly adopt the new standards and have transitioned our systems and processes to remain at the forefront of digital construction. The process involved a thorough audit of our systems and interrogation of our capabilities on a live project which has resulted in the successful award by the BSI.

The BSI auditor was particularly impressed with our innovative approach to data capture and the production of COBie whereby he reported “Best Practice”, demonstrating our credentials at the business end of the BIM Level 2 process.

We are incredibly proud of our certification and our ongoing progressive approach to BIM. It clearly evidences our commitment to the BIM agenda, our capabilities and serves to reassure our clients that we can deliver truly compliant BIM Level 2 projects. As market leaders in BIM, both regionally and nationally, we are fully committed upskilling our clients and supply chain partners on their journeys.

Always thriving on fresh challenges.

Here at Read, we love to propel ourselves into fresh territory and our team are ready to hear from you regarding any new projects and ventures. Be sure to get in touch as we'd love you to be a part of our ever expanding client list.

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