Environmental Services Depot

Awarded to Read following the liquidation of the original main contractor, this project required detailed collaborative working with all stakeholders to overcome inherited quality issues. Read relished the challenge and delivered a high quality end result.

Contract:   JCT Intermediate
Value:          £570,000
Duration:   16 Weeks


DEPENDABLE - Having existing relationships with local designers and supply chain members, Read provide a responsive and dependable service that repeat clients can reply upon in challenging times. When the original main contractor went into liquidation part way through this contract, Read negotiated the completion of the works directly with the client team to ensure a high quality completion of the project.

OVERCOMING CHALLENGES - Read delivery teams manage in the spirit of collaboration irrespective of the contractual appointment. Where quality issues were identified in works already undertaken on this scheme, Read proactively engaged with the designers to agree solutions that addressed buildability issues, programme, quality and that were deliverable within the client budget.