Corn Mill Llangollen

From its humble beginnings as a Corn Mill grinding flour on the edge of the River Dee, this Grade II Listed renovation project took the derelict Mill building from run down wreck, to a vibrant and enormously successful restaurant and pub.

Contract:   JCT Standard
Value:          £1,100,000
Duration:   42 Weeks


SAFE - Delivered in the small rural town of Llangollen, this project sits in the River Dee, bounded on 3 sides by the river and accessible only via a narrow lane, access and safe maintenance of public routes presented a particular challenge. Throughout the project there were ZERO RIDDOR events, ZERO HSE interventions and ZERO accidents or injuries involving members of the public.

COLLABORATIVE - As a Grade II Listed building and with significant interest from the Welsh Mills Society, the River Authority, CADW and local interest groups, the co-ordination of communications and engagement activities was paramount to the smooth progression of the project, which was achieved through a combination of consultation and open events.

ADAPTABLE - Alongside the issues of working over the river rapids, the project presented a diverse set of challenges from hoisting of large steel members without access for cranes to damming of the mill race and excavation of 20m3 silt from the bed. Read’s team adapted to the requirements, calling on specialist supply chain for complex operations and applying traditional methods to complete activities on time.