Finalist in the "Best Large Commercial Building" LABC 2013 award and Winner of the CW&C award for Design and Conservation, this commercial two storey sympathetic extension project was developed adjacent to a Grade 1 Scheduled Monument.

Contract:   JCT Standard with Quantities
Value:          £1,595,000
Duration:   32 Weeks


SUSTAINABLE - This repeat client aspires to reduce energy consumption and carbon across their estate, moving to a greater level of self-sufficiency. The building had to meet renewable energy planning requirements in an area suffering from utility supply issues. By engaging early with the design and key supply chain, integration of renewable energy solutions into the Building Services enabled the energy required from the utility providers to be minimised, and operational running costs to be minimised.

LOCAL INVOLVEMENT - Read understand the challenges of rural located projects and utilise appropriate communication methods to ensure cooperation of local communities based on the demographic. On this project, the most effective communication was letter drops and notices in the local shop. 

HERITAGE - The link between old historic farmhouse and new commercial development was undertaken in a sympathetic style to complement the historic nature of the site, while clearly identifying the extent of the new extension. By combining modern construction methods and materials in a traditional barn style design, the development complements its surrounding rural farm location idyllically.