Gresty Brook

During the last six months I have been working for Read at Gresty Brook, Crewe for Mr Neil Goode.

I have never felt the need to comment about Read's contracts which I have worked on before but I feel this one is an exception.  Renovating an old building, adding a flat roof extension to the rear, plus a two storey steel frame covered by a timber frame with a flat roof, surrounded by varying height parapets made this a task where co-operation of all the trades was of paramount importance.

Neil's handling of this job has been exemplary from start to finish, he has remained cool, calm and courteous at all times.

For my part I have thoroughly enjoyed working for Neil as the atmosphere on site has been superb, it is many years since I tied myself virtually full time to a job, but maybe after years of housing sites this is the way forward for me.

Rarely do I feel the need to put pen to paper to express how I feel during a contract however this work has been truly pleasurable.

Peter Nicholas Nicholas & Pemberton Joinery Contractors