Kirkby Church St Michaels 1 Dawid Cloete

In 2009 the Archdiocese of Liverpool made the decision to build a new Church in Kirkby, Merseyside, to replace two existing Churches.  The contract for the new Church, and the refurbishment of the existing Presbytery, was awarded to Read Construction of Wrexham, who had not worked for the Archdiocese before.

The construction of our new Church was a wonderfully positive experience from start to finish.  The team was led by Site Manager, Dawid Cloete, who not only showed tremendous professionalism in the way he executed the task, but was also friendly and approachable and willing to explain in detail every aspect of the construction.  He was also more than willing to engage with members of our community who were obviously deeply interested in the building of the new Church.

The excellence of the service provided by Read Construction under Dawid's leadership continued after the opening of our Church in September 2010.  A project of this size must inevitably have a 'snag list', though the high quality of the workmanship means that our snag list has consisted of only very minor problems.  Any minor snags reported to Dawid have been dealt with in the prompt and professional manner that we have come to expect, and he is always very careful to follow up to make sure that work has been completed satisfactorily.

Having been so impressed with the way this project has been completed under Dawid's leadership, it is no surprise that Read Construction is now firmly on the 'preferred' list of contractors that the Archdiocese of Liverpool would like to use in the future.  And we, as Parishioners, are extremely proud of a beautiful and unique Church that has exceeded all our expectations.

Rev Andrew Rowlands - Parish Priest The Roman Catholic Parish of St Michael and All Angels