Robinwood Activity Centre - Steve Day - Eilian Jones - Damian Bryan

We’ve been really pleased with all the support we have had from the team at Read.

Steve Day has been fantastic – there have been so many different challenges faced along the way, which he has played the leading role in resolving. It’s been a real race to the finish to try and get everything done in time to open. He has kept all the contractors on track and kept pushing forward to get us to this point. There have been plenty of times when I thought we wouldn’t be this close at the finish.

Eilian Jones has also been brilliant, always positive and willing to assist wherever he can. A real can do attitude.

The two of them work really well together as a site management team and we have been lucky to have them working on Cross Lanes Activity Centre, to get us successfully through the past year of development work.

Damian has been great as well, taking the lead on various key challenges. He got things moving on the drainage in particular when we were struggling to bring costs down and make progress. He kept a close eye on various contractors with a good eye for detail, making sure their work was to standard and on budget. Andrew has also been helpful throughout.

The whole project has turned out to be much more of challenge than I expected at the start and has cost a lot more money than we had initially projected, but we are there now!

We’re really pleased to be on the point of running our first courses at Cross Lanes and feel sure we made the right choice in going with your company to get us through to this stage.

Martin Vasey, Robinwood Activity Centres