St Anselms Food Hub - Wil Jones Damian Bryan Matt Nicholas

The construction of the new build food hub at St Anselm’s college has been deemed a great success on many levels. This was in large part due to the outlook of all of the design team and construction team involved in the project.
The design comprises of a series of interlocking volumes which make up a contemporary architectural form and although the building is generated from some traditional constructional materials and techniques, the building is very detailed. The delivery of a high standard of finishes in the details was imperative to generating a stunning building and this is a testament to all involved.

At tender stage a number of cost saving proposals were needed to deliver the building within its tight budget and Read’s QS team of Damian Bryan and Wil Jones alongside the design team were instrumental in generating ‘silent’ cost savings to deliver practical cost savings with little or no impact on the architectural integrity of the scheme.

The site was a difficult site to work as it was in close proximity of the school playground, teaching spaces and examination spaces. The site team headed by Matt Nicholas was flexible and considerate in delivering the scheme under some very difficult weather conditions and limited construction timescales. This led to a good working relationship between the client, contractor and design team.

Read were open to staff and students being involved throughout the construction of the building to deliver this exciting scheme and as such the building is now embraced by students and staff alike.

The building has already been shortlisted for two architectural awards and has featured in a number of press articles. This is in part due to the design of the building, but would not have been possible without the meticulous approach to details that Matt showed throughout the project to deliver an aspirational building for the school. The building is now being used as a ‘benchmark’ building within Wirral MDC and tours have been arranged for other departments and schools looking to deliver projects of a similar size and budget.

Amanda Wanner - Project Architect Studio Three Architects