Ysgol Penycae

I’m writing to offer my thanks for the work your team has done for our children.  We at school have been working closely with Reads for the best part of 2 years now, from the initial planning meetings to the final completion of the building work last week.

We are delighted both with the 4 new classrooms, corridors and hall extension, and with the refurbishment of our old building.  The children, staff, governors, parents and the local community now have a building that they can all be really proud of.

I must compliment you on the excellent team who have worked with us throughout the project:  Gareth Rowlands, Gareth Jones, Richard Smart and Chris Evans.  Their flexibility, attention to detail, and the consideration given to the needs of the end user have made this a very successful project.  By involving us in the early parts of the process, and giving us regular updates, you have ensured that we have a building which is practical and meets the specific day to day needs of the school.  We have been able to plan efficient routines for our children as a result of having such a purposefully designed and practical building.  If I must pick out any single member of your team it must be your site manager Gareth Jones.  Gareth has liaised with me personally very closely over the 14 or so months the ground and building works have been going on.  As a result, the disruption to the school has been less than I could have possibly imagined. 

The standard of the “finished product” has impressed everyone who has so far seen it.  The quality of décor and fittings is excellent and the children have a superb environment in which to learn.  All your workers and sub-contractors have done a brilliant job.  Listening to our views at the pre-building stage means that issues around security, access to the building, toilets, and lunchtime and playtime supervision are much easier for us to manage than they could have been.  Your team’s flexibility means that they have been able to respond to our needs and alter plans before building work took place. This has been a tremendous feature of the project.  We have had really good briefings on the use of different appliances and this has already enabled us to tend to one routine boiler operation.  Snags are being dealt with in a timely manner.

I have been delighted to have worked with Reads and I wish you well on further projects.  I look forward to meeting you and your team again when we have our formal opening.  With thanks and best wishes.

T Newbould, Head Teacher - Ysgol Penycae